Monday, January 18, 2016

Linocut Portrait of Daisy

Before I post the drawing that will answer the riddle from my last post, I wanted to share a little 6x6 two-color linocut print that I did for a friend's birthday. (I forgot to scan the best print before I gave it to her; this one was one of the "seconds" from the batch.)

I started with a photo, knowing that my main color would be black, and Daisy's pink color, tag and tongue were perfect for the second color. Flat black areas can be a challenge when you're not using a press or oil-based inks, but I think that the mottled effect works pretty well as dog fur! (I've found that dampening the paper works well to get good coverage, but with water-based inks, I couldn't dampen the paper already printed with pink.)

I've still got an awful lot to learn about block printing, but it's such fun!

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