Saturday, January 2, 2016

My Leaf Year

I'm not one for resolutions, nor am I a disciplined sketchbook artist, but I've taken the plunge and started on a year-long creativity challenge. My theme...leaves!

After today, I'll be recording my daily creations on a separate blog, so just click on "Leaf Year" in the right sidebar to check on my progress. You can read all about Noah Scalin and his Make Something 365 challenge here; maybe you'll even decide to join in. Here we  go!

Today's Prompt

The first step is the hardest, so start small today and make something that fits in the palm of your hand using only the materials in your immediate environment.

What I did

Well, I made it easy on myself because my "immediate environment"was my little drawing room chock full of supplies. I decided to make a tiny little leaf stamp, sort of a printmaker's chop, that I can use on my pieces for this challenge. As luck would have it, there was one stamp pad in the room in a bookplate kit a friend gave me a while back...and it was the perfect leaf-y green!

Later in the day, I was been struggling with creating a logo for this blog, when my husband asked if I was using the stamp I'd just created. Thunk. That's the sound of me hitting my head at not seeing the obvious. Well, at least someone is feeling the creativity already.

Happy New Year!!

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