Thursday, October 4, 2012

I Love Autumn

I've been wanting to draw some of the Indian corn that I use to decorate this time of year, but drawing the whole ear (or several) seemed kind of daunting. So, I decided to re-visit my little series of Botanical Hearts. I like doing these little pieces because, as I mentioned in the earlier posts, I can play around with rendering techniques without committing to a huge project. I don't know how some colored pencil artists work on intricate, detailed pieces for days on end; I just don't have that kind of patience!

I hope you are enjoying your fall season so far. Here in Northern California, it's still quite warm this time of year; everything starts to look a little parched from our rain-less summers. But by Thanksgiving, our leaves will be changing colors and the rain will be here...I can't wait!

Here are the others in the series, so far:
(You can click on "hearts" in the labels below to see the original posts for these.)