Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Orchids: Beautiful symmetry

Prismacolor colored pencils on Stonehenge paper
3.5" x 4" (2x actual size of bloom)

I have an obsession with symmetry, especially radial symmetry, in nature. (Click here for some of my other posts on that subject.) So, while orchids, arranged along their graceful stem, make a lovely artistic composition, I like to examine their beautiful symmetrical structure. When my friend gave me this planter as a gift recently, I immediately said, "I'll have to draw these!"

I spent quite a while looking at online photos of the thousands of types of orchids; some of them are truly spectacular. This one (as close as I could tell) is a miniature hybrid phalaenopsis sogo gotris. As you can see in the photos, it's smaller than the other one in the pot; which I plan to draw as well.

The petals looked creamy to me in the light at my drawing table, but  they look a bit more green in these photos; I might have to go back in and green them up a bit.

Orchid blooms look an awful lot like faces, don't they? Now, if I can just keep these little beauties alive...!


  1. OH! It is indeed beautiful-- regardless of the symmetry!!

  2. Beauteous, but even so I love your s'mores even more!

  3. Anytime you want to bring this beauty to the office for R&R, I have a lovely spot for it :) Orchids love my office. Your colors are beautiful but I agree with Linda, I love your s'mores.

    1. I just might let you adopt this one; I have no luck with them!

  4. Thanks, everyone! (S'mores win out over orchids with me, too!)

  5. Lovely. It is amazing how light effects everything isn't it? xo, N.G.