Wednesday, May 7, 2014

An apple a day...

"Gala apple"
Prismacolor colored pencil on Stonehenge paper
(click to enlarge)

No, I'm not starting a new challenge of drawing an apple a day (although I'd like to do some more varieties); it's just that the last two days produced the two parts of this drawing.

I used Stonehenge paper for a change, and tried to practice restraint and not lay on each layer too thickly. So, whether it's the paper or the way I worked, I am happy with these.

I took a few WIP shots early on, but the got carried away and forgot to take more:

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  1. This is stunning! Love the red line around the cut apple and the well defined heart-shape in the center. Thanks for sharing the WIP Sarah, very inspiring! (Gala are my favorite:)