Monday, September 12, 2011

Thank you, Kate Pitner!

Well, I'm experiencing an embarrassment of riches in the blogging world this week. The wonderful Kate Pitner has kindly asked me to participate in her "Favorite Things" feature. (You can see it here.) I love this concept: Kate profiles artists and, more to the point, the things that they have in their workspaces that inspire them, or just make them happy. It's a fun idea for a post, because we've all got those special things, and I adore seeing what other artists' workspaces look like.

Interestingly, that's how Kate and I "met" a while back. I'd been thinking about getting a little drafting board/parallel bar to plop onto my desk when needed. I happened to see just the thing in a photo of Kate's desk and sent her a quick email. She sent back the nicest email and we've been blog buddies since.

As blogs go, I have a pretty small following—but in the spirit of all the blog goodness that's come my way, I'm going to make it a point to mention my fellow artists a bit more. As Amy Ng (Pikaland) expressed in a post just last Friday:

"So if you like someone’s work, perhaps give them a shout out on your blog? Never for a moment think that what you do won’t count, because nothing can be further from the truth. All it takes is just one little step."

I hope you enjoy "My Favorite Things" over on Kate's blog. While you're there, check out some of her "Favorite Things" archive, and enjoy her wonderful artwork along the way! Thank you, Kate!

(Please note: If you read Kate's post and my interview on Pikaland  last week, you'll notice some similarities. That fault lies entirely with me: It's hard enough for me to write about myself, let alone come up with original material twice in one week, so I admit to a little self-plagiarism.)


  1. Sarah, I enjoy your work no matter where it shows up! I'm so glad you are getting all the well-deserved attention! :) Congrats!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about your favourite things Sarah and I too LOVE that vintage reading chart, what a find. I can see your passion with all things "crayony (!)" I loved seeing your desk with all those gorgeous pencils set out.They are like sweeties in a sweet shop! Have a creative week,it was great to "meet" you recently,
    Jane x

  3. Sarah,
    So sorry that I'm tardy commenting on your recent celebrity. It's so exciting and a great tribute to your talent.
    I was struck by how similar your Pikaland interview was to those of authors that we share in book club.
    I'm happy the world is recognizing how talented you are.
    I think I must request your autograph when next we meet.
    Congrats, dear friend.

  4. Hi Sarah, Just been over to read your post on Kate Pitner's blog. Really interesting to see a glimpse of where all your creative magic happens:)

  5. No surprise folks keep featuring you! Your work's so inspiring and wonderful! I love reading interviews and peeking into how artist work. Congratulations! It's concept, new ideas!

  6. Your work is getting the attention it deserves. Its great to see your studio which is adorned with the things you love. Love your vintage finds! Well done.:)