Monday, September 5, 2011

Eye Candy

The Sausalito Art Festival is not your run-of-the-mill street fair.  For starters, there's an admission fee—but it's worth every cent.  You stroll around on grass (not asphalt!) and sip champagne while enjoying the sea breeze and the view of the marina. Oh, and that musician in the background that sounds like a lot like Kenny Loggins? It is Kenny Loggins.  But most importantly, the caliber of the artists is exceptional.  I can visit blogs and websites all day long, but there's nothing like meeting the artists and seeing the work in person, is there?  Here are a few that impressed me with their talent, their humor, or their sheer uniqueness:

Marina Teraud - Etchings. I especially love the nature series and this one in her "ex Libris" bookplate art. Favorite piece: hard to choose, but "Nature Book" is gorgeous.

Cali Hobgood - Hand-colored black-and-white photographs. They're lovely, simple and quiet. (The gallery on her website has no thumbnails, but it's a joy to click through her beautiful work.) Favorite piece (you know me): "Booklist"

Chris Roberts-Antieau - Her website is just as whimsical as her amazing "fabric paintings".

Leif Holland and Brian McGuffey - Two Seattle artists that share a studio, but their art is completely different. Holland does these amazing botanical arrangements in deep shadow boxes (they're gorgeous in person), and McGuffey creates large paintings that combine humans and animals and evoke a sort of childhood nostalgia.

Alberto Toscano -  The sheer ingenuity of these pieces is remarkable. He uses polymer clay to somehow achieve these watercolor-like backgrounds with these tiny, detailed figures on them. The images on his blog don't do his work justice. Somebody needs to design this man a fabulous website!

Diane Komater - Wire sculptures and portraits. Amazingly beautiful seen in person.

Liz Collins - She uses maps and sheet music in her assemblages...take a closer look...

Ron Anderson - I love the paintings of his that incorporate articles of clothing.

Oh, I could go on and on: the food paintings by Cara Brown,  gorgeous pastel pieces that looks like oil paintings by Jody DePew McLeane, the visual humor of Richard Hall's photo-realistic still life paintings.

Check out the artists' websites and their calendars - maybe they'll be exhibiting at an art fair near you! 


  1. I would come just to hear and see Kenny Loggins!!!! But this is an impressive list of amazing artists too! Sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. oooh, thanks for all the great links! That was a fun virtual visit to the show.

  3. Thank you Sarah, for your fantastic post! I was lucky enough to attend the Festival a few years ago and was WOW'ED! I couldn't believe how fantastic it was..but you're see and meet the artists is just something else. Thank you for these super the etchings and my favorite is Jody DePew McLeane's pastels..that is so amazing! I'm so jealous you got to go to the festival this year..but HOORAY that you did! : )

  4. Thanks for sharing these - they are a mine of information and talent and ideas. You are a gem! I have a friend who will just love those botanicals in shadow boxes!

    cheers from oz

    sorry I have been thin on the ground recently

  5. Liz Collins is my personal (and very talented, yes) friend, Sarah...I shared a cup of tea with her just several weeks ago! Wish I could have made it to Sausalito this year...maybe we would have rubbed elbows, unknowingly? And your cherry tomato painting is just stunning! :-)