Friday, May 6, 2011

The Sketchbook Project 2012

It's here!!

I developed a serious case of sketchbook envy when I started blogging last December and saw the wonderful Sketchbook Project posts on many artists' sites.  So, imagine my glee when I happened to visit the Art House Co-op website the very day that they opened the sign-ups for this year's edition!

The Sketchbook Project is a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks created by artists.  Each participant receives a blank 5" x 7" sketchbook that will be exhibited on the 2012 international tour and cataloged permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library.  (The little barcode on the back will trigger a text or an email to the artist when someone views their sketchbook on the tour!)   The 2011 tour will stop in San Francisco in June - I'm really looking forward to visiting.

When you sign-up to participate, you are asked to choose a theme from about 40 topics.  They're really flexible with this (there's even one called "Untitled") but I felt that I needed to choose something to get myself focused.  I ended up choosing the theme "10 Minutes", since a sketch is supposed to be a quick drawing anyway, and so that I didn't create an unrealistic assignment for myself.  I figure that if I limit each sketch to 10 minutes, I won't procrastinate or stress about it.  Maybe.  We have until January 2012 to fill 32 pages, which seems pretty manageable, even for a procrastinator like me.  I'm also thinking of making it "10 Minutes in My Garden" to sharpen the focus, and to encourage myself to do more plein air drawing.  The cover is a wonderful blank material, just waiting to be jazzed up, but I figure that I may do that at the end.  (And no, that is not procrastinating, I don't want the work on the cover to get all messy during the year.  Okay, it may be rationalization, but it's not procrastination.)

I'm hoping to post some of the pages as I get underway.  They haven't yet provided a blog badge for this year's edition, but Shane at Art House Co-op promises that it'll be out soon.  I can't wait to slap in on my sidebar!  I'm really eager to see what other artists do with their sketchbooks, so if you haven't sign-up for one, get over to their website and take the plunge!


  1. This is so cool! I forwarded on to Matt as well. Looking forward to seeing your work as you make progress throughout the year

  2. Sarah, what a wonderful project and thanks for the detailed explanation of the task ahead. I'm extremely interested in your topic and excited to see your works in progress. Having spent yesterday at Giverny, I'm especially interested in the artistic interpretation of gardens. This was, of course, interesting because of how Monet's work was influenced by his developing cataracts.
    Yet, your drawings will mean more to me because you are my friend:)

  3. Oh, that trip to Giverny sounds fabulous! I can't wait to hear all about it! Of course, the image of my two favorite eye doctors touring Monet's gardens reminds me of one of my favorite poems of all time: "Monet Refuses the Operation" by Liesl Mueller.

  4. I just signed up last week. Am looking forward to receiving it. I was tempted by "In 10 Minutes," but chose, "Things found under car seats"-
    (The things that spring to mind are just too much fun).
    Can't wait to see what you come up with - in 10 minutes ;)

  5. I like the 'maybe', I'm just the same!
    Good luck with your sketchbook, it will be fun to see what you draw.
    I hope the paper quality is better this year, they did say thay had improved it.

  6. Thanks for the heads up. I so enjoyed Cathy's ^ sketchbook pages last time around and wished that I had had the courage to take part too.
    Your post has given me that courage and I will look forward to seeing all of your 10 minute studies.
    Now - what on earth do I choose as a subject? Help!

  7. Hi Sarah - great to see you have signed up for the sketchbook project this year! I am especially happy because the world tour includes a stop in Melbourne - which means I get to see your gorgeous drawings in the flesh. Yay! I've thought about joining again this year, but have instead decided to focus on improving my drawing skills first... and my output : )
    I look forward to seeing what escapes from your mind over the next 6 months.

  8. Yay! Great to have you aboard! You're going to have so much fun! :D

    I loved the Sketchbook Project last year, and went on to do the Fiction Project, Pockets Project, and Million Little Pictures projects. Just got my 2012 Sketchbook, can't wait to get started!

  9. Cool! Can't wait to see pages uploaded :D I did this last year too and it was a lot of fun.