Saturday, February 6, 2016

Nudes and Windows

The artist who hosts our weekly life-drawing meet-up moved to a new studio at the beginning of the year. The space has really high ceilings with a north wall that is is home to this fascinating composition of windows—some new, some old. 

I was immediately taken in by this hodgepodge of rectangles—with the blue sky that day, they looked like a group of painted canvasses hung together. I started to wonder how they would change, so I started taking a photo each week. 

The photos gave me a reference that I used to draw a layout and make a bunch of little 6 x 9 "blanks" that I can fill in with color each week. I've just now done this first drawing (from the photo I took); once I figure out my palette (and get a little faster at drawing sky), I'm hoping to skip the photos and just do the sketch during our breaks. 

I am not entirely sure that the white paper works, as I wanted very faint—if any—outlines of each window. Would it work better using a medium grey drawing paper? I might have to try that.

Wouldn't it be fun to hang them all up together at the end of the year—all 50 or so of them!? I must warn you: my track record with long-term series projects is that they usually become very short-term series projects, but I'm really into this one. One down, fifty or so to go!!


  1. What a cool thing to notice. I have to wonder who decided to put in mismatched windows. Short-term or long-term, this is interesting!

  2. Thanks, Linda! It's an old industrial building, so I'm sure they were added in different eras, etc.