Friday, February 26, 2016

Drink your Nehi and eat your Coney Island! (Round Things, No. 3)

With the Academy Awards being held this weekend, it is only fitting that I found the inspiration for my latest drawing alongside an Oscar-winning performance.

I was in search of  another "classic" object for my "round things" series. A bottle cap seemed to be just the thing as they have such cool graphics—but which one should I draw? Nothing red, as I already have the peppermint in the series. Nothing Pepsi or Coke: too corporate. Then I remembered this little gem of a scene from "Paper Moon" (1973) in which a bottle of soda stars front-and-center (along with Tatum O'Neal, the youngest Oscar winner in history) and practically shouts "middle America":

I went onto eBay and had a blast strolling down Bottle-Cap Memory Lane. I purchased a bag of 20 different vintage, cork-lined, orange soda bottle caps for $6, and I was in business: 

I always like the look of the unfinshed pieces.

So, what do you think? 

So, what's next for my series of "round things"?
I have a peppermint, a button and this bottle cap.
Give me your suggestions in the comments below. 
(One caveat: they should be "flat" round, not spherical round...)


  1. I've had exactly 1 orange Nehi in my life, but it's a happy memory :) Good job! Round things? Bagels, donuts, DVDs, records, roll of tape... I could keep going, but I'm sure you'll think of something great. BTW, I bought a dragon fruit based on your inspiration. Tasted good, but not $5 good. $5 of pretty for sure though!

  2. I love(d) orange Nehi. And your drawing takes me back to hot summer days in Visalia. I know I continually have new favorites of your work, but this rocketed to the top very quickly.

  3. Oh, check out google images of manhole covers. There are so many beautiful ones.