Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Illustration Friday: Suspend II

Prismacolor colored pencil (White and 90% Warm Grey) on Strathmore Charcoal Paper

I know, two posts in two days is a tad unusual for me—okay, highly unusual for me—but when I noticed these rocks, they just had to be in a sketch for "suspend". (I hope that the wonderful people at Illustration Friday won't mind me bending the rules and posting two entries.)

Lately, I've been picking up rocks with holes in them when I see them at the beach, or on a walk. Strung up and hanging in my little studio area, they're little travel mementos. (I should have been writing dates and places on them; I think I'll do that from now on!)

Will I make it "three posts in three days"? Tune in tomorrow...


  1. This is charming, Sarah. I often look at "holey" rocks on the beach and think of stringing them to make a necklace...but hanging them around the house...maybe I should!

    Can't wait to see what you do tomorrow. :)

  2. I want to try this white and dark on medium-tone paper thing. This is such a pretty drawing! And what a great idea for a travel memento. You get a beautiful thing to look at instead of rocks in drawers!

    1. Using toned paper would work very well with your style, Laurie!

  3. Wow Sarah keep those posts coming...such wonderful art.
    Jane x

  4. What cool rocks! And such a lovely drawing! Your blackberry drawing is wonderful too. I always enjoy your blog posts. :)

  5. I have an affection for toned paper and your treatment of the rocks on it is beautiful. Now you have teased us to check tomorrow, and that is what I will be doing!

  6. Such a cool idea...and a cool sketch, too. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

  7. What a cool idea to hang these up around the house. I like to collect rocks with semi-holes that look like little bowls. Maybe I should go one step further and look for holes too. Lovely drawing!

  8. Thanks for the heads up about the new IF format; I missed this week's by a few hours, but will try again.

    So glad to see you've been making AMAZING artwork, as usual. I, too collect weathered stones and other oddments. (And I must admit I'm a wee jealous that you live close to an ocean.)

  9. Ooooh, those cherries look divine! I'm inspired to go buy some :)


  10. In England (in the pagan community) they are called hag stones. They can be hung on strings like you have done - then hang them by the door to bring good luck and stop bad things happening. They used to be used in spells if you know what you are doing (still are).
    But of course - they just look cool hanging up in (or out) the house :-)
    Fantastic drawing Sarah...wonderful.

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