Friday, February 3, 2012

February Hearts, Part 2

3" x 3", Prismacolor colored pencil

Here's the second in my new series of little drawings.

(Scroll down for the first.)

And here's another of my vintage Valentine postcards
sent to my husband's grandfather in 1910.
 (I've included this one more for the charming message than for the front image.)

It reads (uncorrected):
Mr. Adams,
Dear friend, rec your card and was very much surprise too hear from you and
 I appreicate being remember very much. Yes; Henry doesn't like me any more. 
Sincerly, Ida


  1. The only thing my mother wanted when my great aunt passed away was her post card books. Aren't they wonderful? So glad you shared the text as I am laughing out loud. It sound likes like something that would have come from my Aunt too... Beautiful work on your heart. So lovely.

  2. Hello.... I love what you are doing with the heart shape illustrations.Really lovely Sarah.....

  3. Oh, I'm already in love with this series! Both the cyclamen leaf heart & the vintage valentine, absolutely delightful!

  4. My first visit to see you, thanks to a note from Oddments & Curiosities. Your February theme is so clever. I will be back again and again. p.s...I want chickens.

  5. Charming post, Sarah. The postcard message is so touching. Did they marry?

  6. Just absolutely love this!

  7. I love your charming heart shaped leaf. I also enjoyed another of the vintage postcards.

  8. I love the heart, of course. But what a funny postcard! Poor Ida. :~)

  9. I love this heart shaped leaf!