Monday, December 12, 2011

A Mistletoe Moment

'Tis the season:
I'm scurrying around this week preparing for a holiday party, so I'm pausing for a little swig of eggnog
(no alcohol or I won't be scurrying much longer) and to re-post this little drawing from last December.
(You can read the original post here.)

I love fresh mistletoe, but it dries out so quickly, and even worse, it can drop its poisonous berries on the floor. So, this year, I found this adorable kit at Paper Source, one of my favorite shops. I'm not usually a fan of artificial flowers and plants, I must admit. Perhaps it's because paper starts out its life as a plant, but paper flowers retain a certain natural charm for me. Isn't it cute? It won't dry out or poison anyone, and I can use it again next year!

Next week looks to be a bit calmer—
I'm hoping to steal a day to draw and catch up on blog visits before Christmas. 


  1. Sarah! I hope you get a chance to get a lot of good drawing time in-and that you post whatever you do! I so love your work. The mistletoe drawing is gorgeous, and I think the little paper one is a GREAT idea! Hang in there & Happy Holidays!!

  2. wow, the drawing looks so real! Amazing!!!

  3. Merry Christmas Sarah and enjoy your break..... :)

  4. What a charming illustration for the holidays! I had recently thinking about mistletoe (there was a small article in the local newspaper recently), but I haven't seen any real stuff yet this year. Great idea with the paper version to fill-in. Happy Holidays.

  5. What a beautiful holiday drawing! I'm glad you re-posted it because I didn't follow many blogs a year ago so I didn't see it then. Happy holidays :)

  6. Your mistletoe artwork is so delicate and pretty. Perfect!

  7. Your mistletoe is beautifully done and perfect for the season!

  8. The paper mistletoe is charming.
    The mistletoe drawing is one of my favorites.

    Merry Christmas, Sarah.

  9. Great mistletoe. Hope you have a lovely Xmas Sarah.

  10. Merry Christmas, Sarah.
    Wonderful 'Viscum Album' with ribbon.

  11. Beautiful drawing!
    I wish you a happy new year!