Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Homage to ?

I don't think that I've ever posted a digital drawing on my blog. I do very few of them, but this one was borne of necessity. This image was in my head and I couldn't stop obsessing over how to render it: Should the circles be larger and the whole piece huge? Should I paint them, cut them out of colored paper, color them with crayons?

What exactly is this thing? It's a 13 x 19 print, an infographic of sorts. Any guesses before you click to enlarge and read the fine print?  If you were a baby boomer, and even better, an artsy baby boomer, this shouldn't be too hard. Or if you've read this blog from the beginning, especially posts like this one, or this one, you should have it by now. Go ahead and click.

And yes, these are even in pretty much the positions they were in when you first split open the perforation, and saw them all in their waxy glory. (I have a small collection of old Crayola boxes full of crayons, and several have never been split open. (I have opened them via the top of the box to keep their packing order in place as best I can.)

Inhale...yes, that's an original box of 64 Crayola crayons, sharpener in the box.


  1. It's perfect as it is. Perhaps it should stay digital. Wax crayons might be too literal, paint might be too Damien Hurst. I like it. Are you selling it as a print?

  2. Thank you, Amanda. Yes, I thought of selling it as a print, but wasn't sure if I'd be in a pickle regarding trademarks, etc. Perhaps a TM notation would be sufficient. I might just give it a whirl and see!

  3. In describing my obsession with my "boxes of 64", I neglected to mention this little sketch I did a long while back. See, this concept just simmers in my subconscious:

  4. You already have the digital version, I'd say color it in crayons too. I love this :)