Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Creativity and Parkinson's

The relationship between creativity and Parkinson's disease is a very interesting one. It's a topic that I've heard people discuss, off and on, since my 2009 diagnosis. A recent Israeli study set out to examine this link—theoretical until now—from a clinical standpoint. I invite you to read this fascinating article about the results.

The Parkinson's Disease Foundation has embraced this theory for some time. Every year since 2010, they have produced a wall calendar as "part of PDF's Creativity and Parkinson's Project, an initiative that encourages those living with Parkinson's to explore their creativity and its potentially beneficial effects."

I contribute to the PDF's online gallery, and have been fortunate enough to have been selected to be included in the calendar for the last two years. You can view the gallery, get more information and order a free calendar on their website.

Personally, it's hard to say whether I've become more creative since being diagnosed with PD. As an empty-nester who is no longer part of the working world, I've certainly had more time for my art, and have found it to be very therapeutic. For the past 6 years, just my left side has been affected by PD, but that may be changing. However, I have no plans to abandon my art just because my right hand starts to move a bit unpredictably—who knows, it may add a spontaneous flair to my work!

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