Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Golden Delicious

My neighbor's Golden Delicious apple tree is loaded with fruit, despite its height of less than five feet. They were quite greenish in color when picked, but have now ripened to their beautiful eponymous color. That monochromatic coloring doesn't lend itself to a drawing quite as dramatic as the Gala variety that I drew a while back, but I really loved the brown marking on the skin near the stem. Now that apple season is upon us, I'm hoping to fit in drawings of a few more varieties for this series:

Any favorites you'd like me to look for?


  1. These look perfect in every way, love apples!

  2. I like the contrast of the two together. I would like to see a bright green Granny Smith next to these two beauties :) Great work as always Sarah.

  3. I have never used the word "eponymous" in a sentence, written or spoken. Your words are as good as your drawings.