Monday, April 21, 2014

A rushed radish

After buying a bunch of beautiful French breakfast radishes at the farmer's market on Easter morning, I had planned on doing one of my more detailed, realistic drawings. But the green leaves started wilting so quickly that I ended up settling for a much quicker little drawing. I rather like how it turned out. I broke out the ol' interior designer lettering skills for the label. (Do they even teach hand lettering to design and architecture students these days?...probably not, I suppose. Sigh.)


  1. lovely and loose and really captures the radishness of it, how quickly they loose their perk. can it be the sketching course is helping with fast and loose?

  2. Love it - the loose style is fantastic.

  3. "Breakfast" radish? I don't think I'll ever eat that healthy, but the drawing is lovely :)