Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Some apples to hold you over

Well, I'm still working away on that pinecone drawing. (Scroll down if you missed that post.) My already-slow pace came to a screeching halt this past week while I've enjoyed some family visits. So, to hold you over, I'm posting a drawing of two little lady apples that I started during the holidays. It was intended to be larger (see below), but I got caught up in the holidays, and the apples started to look a little tired.  I love these beautiful little apples; the better produce markets always stock them at the winter holidays. The scale isn't evident in this drawing, but they're just a couple of inches in diameter—perfect for tucking in among evergreeens and pinecones on the mantel or on the dining table.

Now, back to that pinecone...


  1. I did a piece that took me a year. Hopefully your pine cones go a little faster than that. Good start, and pretty apples. I have an accidental tree that makes apples like that. Maybe I should eat some instead of letting the wildlife have them all.

  2. Beautiful. They look good enough to eat! :)