Sunday, January 26, 2014

A drawing for a sunny day

Maybe it's the unseasonably warm and sunny weather we're having, but I decided to grab a coconut at the grocery store and draw it. (I like botanical subjects like nuts and things that won't wilt while I draw.)

I started to draw the exterior first, but wasn't inspired—time to crack it open! It's awfully hard to not see a face (a sloth face?) when looking at this end of a coconut:

The "mouth" of the face is the soft spot—it was a breeze to poke a hole there and drain out the coconut water. I got about 10 ounces out of this one! Then you just keep whacking it around its "equator" with the blunt edge of a butcher knife or cleaver, and it eventually cracks right open to reveal that beautiful snow-white interior.

This textured, toned paper may not have been a great idea, but once I was committed to it, I decided to keep feel of the drawing sort of rough and textural and maybe it'd work out. I'm relatively happy with the outcome, but might make another attempt on my usual white bristol.  In the meantime, I'm going to try and toast some of that coconut for a snack!

Reminder: If you're into figure drawing, feel free to visit my new blog chronicling my progress at my life-drawing meet-up. You can click here, and it'll always be over there on my right sidebar under Gallery Pages.


  1. It's wonderful on this paper! I can see why you would choose the rougher paper, with the rough exterior of the coconut... I'm so impressed with how you did the shadows and how the shaded areas inside the coconut make the shape so perfectly. I like the colors you used too. It's a wonderful piece, Sarah!

  2. I agree - the paper is a great choice, I love the way you brought out the whites and the form. Hope you enjoyed the toasted bits!

  3. I like the paper too. I really like texture of the outside of the coconut on it. Sometimes it's good to mix things up.

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  5. Looking at your recent posts reminds me just how much I have missed your superb drawings and your insightful notes. I am making an effort to get back to making art so thank you for the recent comment. Like you, I am struggling with my drawing style and have been experimenting with mono-prints to try to 'loosen-up'. I will post a few soon. I wish there were some life drawing classes nearby - I like following your progression there.

    1. Great to hear from you, Theo! It's comforting to hear that developing one's drawing style is an ongoing process for others too. I'll look forward to seeing your sure and write about your process; I find printmaking fascinating.

  6. Thanks for the encouraging comments, everyone!