Monday, May 20, 2013

My favorite liquid

A quickie sketch for Illustration Friday's topic, "liquid".  

I love coffee, as I've mentioned before. (Ironically, caffeine is supposed to have some protective effect against Parkinson's disease; I guess I missed the boat on that one. If you're interested, my fellow blogger, fellow "Parkie", and and wonderful painter, Amanda Bates, wrote a comprehensive post about it here a while back.) Anyway, I rounded up some coffee-related things from my kitchen, and decided to do a page in my new favorite sketch book—I just love this Strathmore "Toned Tan" paper! (I like the result, except for the fact that the French press is a touch overwrought and looks a bit like a penguin...)

I set my Prismacolors aside and used Derwent drawing pencils for this one. (3B Graphic, plus "Chinese White" and "Chocolate" Drawing pencils)  Derwent products are wonderful, and I've recently learned that they were the one of the earliest pencil companies. Their factory is still located in the Cumbria region of England, in the beautiful Lake District. My husband and I are visiting that area for a couple of days this summer when we vacation in England.  (Today's our 35th wedding anniversary, and the trip is our present to ourselves!) I don't know if we'll have time, but I'd love to fit in a trip to the Pencil Museum in that area—it certainly sounds like my idea of a great museum. The main reason that I wanted to add the Lake District to our itinerary (besides the fact that it's gorgeous country) is to see Beatrix Potter's home and gallery. I know that's a totally tourist-y thing to do, but I just have to see it. And, to be able to see some of her artwork first-hand is going to be such a treat—even better than a cup of coffee.


  1. Happy Anniversary! You will love your visit to the Lake district Sarah and Hill Top is very unspoilt...the National Trust have a way of never making their properties feel over touristy...enjoy ;0) I love your drawing and the paper looks great to work with x

  2. Really lovely drawings, Sarah. I like the paper, too... I might have to see if I can get hold of some! Incidentally, the word "overwrought" seems appropriate for a French Press somehow.

    *I'd* love to see Derwent's Pencil Museum, and Beatrix Potter's house; somehow, the Lakes seem such a long way away from Hampshire (well, percieved distances are, I think, proportional to the size of the country you live in), and I've only ever made two fleeting visits to the area.

    Thank you for the links :-)

  3. Nice drawings! I hope you and your husband enjoy a wonderful anniversary. I didn't know until now that I wish I could go to a pencil museum too :)

  4. Congratulations! I love these coffee drawings. My favourite liquid too.

  5. I hope you give us a full report on the Beatrix Potter visit. I'm jealous! Meanwhile, I love your take on "liquid."

  6. Happy happy anniversary! I didn't think the press looked like a penguin until you pointed it out, very funny. I think it's just the "beak". They are Beautiful sketches.