Friday, December 28, 2012

Pumpkins in December?

Prismacolor colored pencils on Strathmore Bristol, Vellum

It has been far too long since I posted a new drawing, but rest assured that all is well. I've just been working on some "Do-not-open-before-Christmas" holiday projects that couldn't be posted, or surprises would have spoiled. Now that the holiday crush is behind us, I'm re-charged (I'm hoping it's not just a sugar high) and resolved to get back to more regular drawing —and posting!

This pumpkin drawing was commissioned by a lovely woman, the aunt of one of my close friends. My friend had recently given her a framed print of my artichoke cross-section drawing, chosen because her aunt lives in Half Moon Bay, a coastal town north of here (and south of San Francisco). Half Moon Bay, besides being famous for its pumpkins (it hosts a huge Pumpkin Festival each October) is also known for growing artichokes and other vegetables. I'm tickled that she asked for a pumpkin drawing as well as one of Brussels sprouts on their stalk. (The latter has a short season, and since I almost always draw from real "models", I'd better get that one done soon!)

In case you're wondering, I chose to draw this "bird's-eye-view" since it is a companion piece to this one:

Here are a couple of work-in-progress shots:

I hope that you are enjoying some relaxing post-holiday time as well. Next up for visits! (And maybe one last slice of cranberry bread...)

And one last important note: Thank you for all of the supportive comments, emails, and good ol' positive thoughts that you sent my way after my recent post about Parkinson's Disease. Your kind words mean more than you know.


  1. I love the looking-down-from-above perspective! And your artichoke is awesome. What a great idea. :o

  2. It is beautiful, you have really captured it. My favourite parts are the twisted dead stems, it's great to see your methods too leaving it until last, strangely I would have done that first, why I do not know!

    Hope you enjoyed your Christmas celebrations and best wishes for 2013. I look forward to seeing lots of your wonderful work.

  3. Your pumpkin looks better than the two squishy ones on my porch left over from Halloween. (How did Halloween turn into Christmas so fast and now there are Valentines in the store?)
    Nice job.

  4. Gorgeous! Thanks for adding the progress shots too. It's always good to see how other people work. Happy New Year!

  5. These vegetable pieces must look so good framed and hung on the same wall. I love the twisty stalk on this too.
    Happy New Year!