Thursday, July 28, 2011

Featured Artist: Grace

My niece, Grace, has always been very creative and artistic. Lately she has been drawing with colored pencils, so I thought that it would be fun to share her wonderful artwork here... in honor of her 10th birthday today!
She is also a devoted reader of my blog,
so if you leave her a comment below,
she'll definitely see it!

Happy Birthday, Grace!

She likes to draw people,
(that's a self-portrait on the left)

and  fruit, 
(like her Aunt Sarah does)

and some amazing animals! 

(She made the frog at clay camp this summer, and drew her cat, Daisy,
just the other night. Isn't that one great? I love the expression on Daisy's face. 
I think Grace has a future as an illustrator of children's books, don't you?)

Happy Birthday, Grace!


  1. Happy Birthday, Grace. I love your drawings and your self-portrait is amazing. Please thank your Aunt Sarah for sharing your talent. I think you are terrific. Have a great birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday, Grace. I hadn't seen the picture of Daisy, looks great!

  3. This makes me smile from the inside out! Lovely work by your niece. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Happy Birthday Grace. I have a granddaughter who is ten. I love your self-portrait! All of these are great. You are definitely an artist!

  5. Very wonderful art! So great to be 10! Happy Birthday to Grace!!

  6. Grace, I really enjoyed seeing your drawings. Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday for last Thursday Grace!

    I love your artwork - particularly the picture of Daisy. Excellent!

  8. You have a very clever niece, I especially like the frog and the cat. Well done!

  9. Hi Grace:

    You are now not only a published author of 8 going on 10 stories and non-fiction reports, but also a exhibited artist. My favorite, of course, is the clay frog. I would love you to make me one of those!!
    I am glad you had a very fun birthday party and birth day!

    Love, Devyn

  10. Grace is a very talented artist! I teach third graders, and I have seen many children's artwork. Grace is definitely one of the best! Good job!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday to you Grace!! Your paintings, drawings and frog sculpture are so fun and imaginative...I can see you following in your talented Aunty Sarah's footsteps ever so closely!! Especially wonderful watermelon drawing. :-)

    Please thank your Aunt Sarah for her appreciation and vote of "The Girl with Silver Hands" too, ok? And do tell her that I love the Blueberries and her Passion Flower drawings. Thanks!!

    Happy Summer!

  12. What a heart-warming post! Thanks!