Monday, January 10, 2011

Beekman 1802 Soap revisited

As promised, I've done a little drawing of one of my Beekman 1802 goat milk soaps. It's more of an affectionate portrait than a super-realistic rendering. It's amazing to me that the soaps are molded with such a perfect version of the Beekman logo on top - achieving that level of detail couldn't have been an easy task. If you're a fan of the show as I am, you can probably imagine Brent and/or Josh insisting on it being nothing less than perfect: "Could we get a little more definition around the goat silhouette, please?" The former-graphic-designer in me can't help but comment on the logo itself. It's everything a great logo should be and truly conveys the spirit of their endeavor.

Here's how the whole box looks - gorgeous, isn't it? You can see my original drawing of the wrapped soaps here.

Well, I can't wait until Season Two begins in March. Until then I'll enjoy long baths with my Beekman soaps, and watching the Beekman goat-cam.
(No, not simultaneously.)


  1. You know us too well. We have put a soap in the rejection pile if we didn't like the way the logo turned out. We use the rejected soaps for ourselves. Is that a perverse incentive?

    Beautiful drawing

  2. Lovely drawing, Sarah. I'm glad by the way, that finnaly your blog updates in my blogroll. As I said, I thought you had stopped posting weeks ago - just after I discovered you and your drawings.

  3. That should have been finally not finnaly!

  4. Brent and Josh -
    No more perverse than my hoping for fatal injuries to gingerbread men when I bake. I feel it's my duty to put them out of their misery.

    Blue -
    It was actually while visiting your lovely blog this week that I noticed that my updates were frozen at December 5. I finally figured out that I could "unfreeze" that post by making one random edit to it. Go figure.